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Working together for a better future for children

PM-International AG is one of Europe's largest direct selling companies in the areas of health, fitness and beauty, based in Schengen, Luxembourg. It produces and markets high-quality, premium dietary supplements and cosmetics through its own brand FitLine®.

The long-standing cooperation between PM-International and World Vision supports children, their families, and communities in 47 development projects in 21 countries all around the world, including Tansania, Peru and Cambodia. During the past 20 years, the company has donated a total sum of nearly 7,9 million Euro. With 6,000 sponsored children, PM-International is currently the largest corporate sponsor of World Vision and hopes to continue to expand the charity cooperation in order to sponsor at least 10,000 children one day. Because they are the ones who shape the future.

Rolf Sorg, Founder and CEO of PM-International
You too can give a child in one of the world’s poorest countries a better future!
Rolf Sorg, Founder and CEO of PM-International

„Having World Vision at our side as a charity partner is a major part of our social commitment. We have calculated a fixed amount of each sold PM product which we donate directly to the sponsorships. It is very gratifying to see how much good this has already achieved!“, says Rolf Sorg.

PM international supports children in need
PM-International in Indonesia

PM-International Supports Children in Need

Vicki Sorg, Charity Ambassador at PM-International, frequently does sponsor visits on which she gets first-hand insight into all the work World Vision does:

Vicki Sorg, Charity Ambassador at PM-International
During project visits, I was really impressed to see how World Vision's work improves the living conditions, not only of our sponsored children, but for the regions as a whole.
Vicki Sorg, Charity Ambassador at PM-International

„We value World Vision's approach to help people to help themselves. During my sponsor visits, I was really impressed to see how World Vision's work improves the living conditions, not only of our sponsored children, but for the regions as a whole. With our support, they are able to build schools, lay power lines, and improve sanitary conditions. This makes every hour of these children’s lives more worthwhile“, says Vicki Sorg.


Children formerly sponsored by PM-International

Wini from Indonesia has successfully started an apprenticeship; Madilyn from the Philippines is studying tourism management. And Rakib from Bangladesh is delighted to have a good job. They are examples of the innumerable children who can now look to the future with hope thanks to their sponsors. Here you can also become a sponsor:

PM-International in Indonesia

There is also the possibility to support the work of World Vision with a one-time free donation and to contribute to the improvement of the living conditions of the most vulnerable children. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

PM-International supported Emergency Response

In early 2020, PM-International supported World Vision's Global Health Emergency Response to help fight the coronavirus pandemic in Spain. Of PM-International’s total donation, 200,550 EUR contributed to the installation and equipments of two field hospitals. In order to give food support, PM-International donated 10,000 energy bars from its own product line. Through the network of World Vision, they went to seven local food social assistance centers throughout Spain.

PM-International über ihre Corona-Nothilfe in Spanien

PM-International about their Emergency Response Support


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